Cast2Crew PopArt

What We Do

Cast 2 Crew is a new online digital media organisation, social creative media platform & marketplace for creatives. Purpose built for skilled professionals and talent, Cast 2 Crew is a state-of-the-art cross-platform marketplace designed for the artists by the artists. Developed to promote award-winning talent for award-winning productions, creations and projects across the Creative Industries. Connecting Agents and Agencies to prospects, Business to Artists and Business to Business. A platform that can support some of the most respected, elite performers and credible individuals in the Creative Industries and those that aspire to be.

Cast 2 Crew is an Australian owned and operated company, one of our directories is designed and built specifically to promote users residing in Australia. Our Social Media Platform ‘Cast 2 Crew Social’, has a global outreach. Connecting users from different countries and bridging creative industries and communities around the world.

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