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What is Cast 2 Crew?

Cast 2 Crew by name is BEST described as a community based platform for creative artists, entertainers and professionals within the Film & TV, Music, Entertainment and other creative industries. A platform that promotes artists, creates opportunities and connects like minded individuals. To bridge all corners of the creative arts and entertainment.


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A bloody good reason to join now!

It’s 100% FREE. When you join you will receive a 3 year EARLY BIRD account that can be edited IMMEDIATELY or some other time at your own leisure. If you would like to be found on the directory after a search, please SAVE some personal details such as your NAME, CITY or STATE in the Edit Profile section. As time goes by and Cast 2 Crew grows in size, the site will be updated. Our aim is to encourage & grow an active community on the Cast 2 Crew platform. Bridging all corners of the creative arts, in business and the people.

The Original Vision of Cast 2 Crew

So how would I go about creating something that would be of value to not only newbies in entertainment and film but also the seasoned working professionals that hold the creative industries together! First of all, the members would need to promote their skills, work experience, credits and expertise on a beautifully designed platform. The search options to find members would need to be VERY SIMPLE, user friendly however still comprehensive for a specific search.

People would need to be CONNECTED & found in their respected skill, job role and talent. A blog page and articles to PROMOTE MEMBERS with interesting stories would be great! More online views and traffic can be moved through their websites or YouTube videos.

Business, Academy’s, Schools, Agencies and Workshops could be found in a search. People could be connected to the closest course or workshop in their area. There could be a business profile that promotes their students and courses, allowing them to upload photos and videos like the standard profiles.

A job dashboard would DEFINITELY need to be developed so our awesome customers, casting directors and production managers can post a job. Even the small half day gigs such as party entertainers, clowns, DJ’s, MC’s, Musicians, Photographers and Videographers.

The money generated could effectively go back into the members for creating content, marketing and advertising, photography and videography, keeping people busy between other jobs.

How could people engage with the platform to help create and support an active community? Maybe we could host small contests for the members so they can promote their work. They could share them on their social media platforms as well to get more views, likes and comments. Such as people choice awards, most votes wins! How about creating a Creative Industries Social Media Platform.