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The Australian Talent Network

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The Australian Talent Network

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Cast 2 Crew – The Australian Talent Network is an online directory carefully designed for professionals and hobbyists within the creative & entertainment industries. 

Members can be found with the basic or advanced user friendly search options with 1 simple click.

Are you a Professional?

If you’re already actively working in the entertainment or other creative industry, you would respect the importance of networking and promoting yourself.

You understand being active and participating within a creative community keeps an individual prepared for the next opportunity that presents itself to them.

You’re certainly aware that updating and keeping a fresh profile is one of the best ways to demonstrate and validate proven ability to fulfil a job role.

By creating a professional profile on a social media platform is also a great idea! You probably already have a couple of them. People can link their social media profiles to the Cast 2 Crew profiles with ease.

Battle-Royale Member Contests

In July 2019 we released Battle-Royale contest involving video, photo and creative writing. This helps promote the members work, talent and abilities.

Our Own Social Media Platform!

We have our very own social media platform that will eventually be made into an app. On this platform like many others, you can create pages, groups, private message.

Upload videos & photos to your news feed and cross share your posts to the other integrated social platforms for a broader reach. C2C Social has an international outreach where as the Cast 2 Crew Website is specifically for residing artists and professionals in Australia!

Members of Cast 2 Crew

People can create profiles under many job roles. Some of the job roles are Musician, Writer, Camera Operator, Actor, Singer, Dancer, Stunt Performer, Hair & Make-Up, VFX and the list continues. 

If your job role can’t be found on our site, be sure to notify us by email and we will look into adding it asap.

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We are currently a free membership website and completely focused on bringing as much value as possible to the members. As we provide complimentary profiles to registered members, it’s unnecessary to acquire bank details for users as there are no payments, no renewal fees or obligations. Just a 3 year subscription and access to your account to create or delete at your own will. 


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