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Problems With Video Uploads?

Cast 2 Crew has recently launched! Like any new website there’s going to be teething issues, fighting bugs a long the way and optimising the user experience. Bugs can be unwarranted functioning errors for example broken links or errors in video and image uploads. We are currently working on a video uploading issue that has been brought to our attention and we thank those people that made the effort to contact us right away.

If you’re experiencing issues with video uploads please check the file size, the format and be patient for a couple of minutes for the upload to finish and make sure to save it once it’s complete. Some videos can take 2 or 3 minutes to upload. If problems persist there is a good chance you haven’t done anything wrong!  I am working on this issue until it is 100% fixed so don’t let this minor issue prevent you from creating your profile and filling out the rest of the form fields. Images can be uploaded, personal information can be uploaded and a lot of videos are still some how uploading without an issue. Leave me a comment on a our contact form if you have experienced this current issue we are working on. Thank you.

– Allan Cridland

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