Daisy Fryer

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  • Cast/Entertainer
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  • Actor - Film & TV
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  • First Name: Daisy
  • Last Name: Fryer
  • Age: 26
  • Gender: Female
  • Best Contact: 0401089390
  • Email: daisy.fryer@hotmail.com


  • City: Adelaide
  • State: SA
  • Postcode: 5093

Representing Agency

  • Agency Name: Zenda Graves
  • Agency Contact: + 61 2 9964 9522
  • Agency Email: zenstunts@bigpond.com



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    My Autobiography

    I’m 26 years old; I have a passion for stunt work and I love being part of a team on and off the camera. I’m tough as nails, can take a wreck and listen to direction. I’ve worked on set with some of Australia’s veteran Stunt Coordinators and look forward to working and learning from anyone I can. I take pride in myself as a person and as a stunt performer. I've trained in Pro Wrestling, gymnastics, horse riding, basic driving and stunt training to name a few and I am always looking to improve and add skills to my repertoire. I appreciate and welcome constructive criticism and know that the best way to learn is to listen. I learn quickly, know when to be quiet and I don’t have an ego. I always aim to bring my best self to the set, I believe I will make a great addition to any stunt team. During the time of being a Stunt woman I have doubled for actresses Geraldine Hakewill, Rachel House, Morgan Griffin, Sara West and Felicia Tassone.

    My Education


    • Urrbrae Agricultural High School

    Year Commenced

    • 2005

    Year Graduated

    • 2009

    Field Of Study

    My Resume


    Certification 1

    • Car

    Certification 2

    • First Aid

    Certification 3

    • Bronze Medallion