About Us

Cast 2 Crew is an online directory made by artists for artists, a small fish in a big sea that hopes to create a wave of change within the creative arts communities in Australia. Bridging gaps and connecting people from different creative industries, our website is a networking database for performers and creative talents in their respective industries and roles. Whether a new starter, hobbyist, or professional, we help promote skills and talent. We encourage networking and collaboration between artists - our goal is to create opportunities and paid work for individuals, as well as helping support artists and projects through financial assistance and sponsorship. Cast 2 Crew has over 50 select job roles to choose from, with additional roles being added on a regular basis. It is a common problem for people starting out in any creative industry to find the right contacts, the right instructors, mentors or organisations. Cast 2 Crew aims to streamline the processes involved, to help focus talent in the right direction, to connect people with our easy to use website. Our professional profiles allow members to upload industry related content such as photos, showreels, videos, job listings and much more. For those searching for talent, our specific search options mean prospective employees can be found via State, City, Job Role, Height, Gender, Ethnicity or Body Type. We encourage new starters to create a profile, develop their skills and update their profile along the way to success. Notify us through our ‘Contact Us’ form if your respective job of interest or profession cannot be found in our online database, as we would be happy to add your skill set to our ever-expanding directory. We welcome you to the Cast 2 Crew family, and we look forward to joining you on your journey in the creative arts.