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Cast 2 Crew

The Australian Talent Network

What We Do

Cast 2 Crew is a new online digital media organisation, social creative media platform & marketplace for creatives. Purpose built for skilled professionals and talent, Cast 2 Crew is a state-of-the-art cross-platform marketplace designed for the artists by the artists. Developed to promote award-winning talent […]

STUNT Trainee Josh Chee

“I never realised you could have a career in Stunts.” Joshua Chee – Gold Coast Cast 2 Crew Member Joshua Chee is an active member on the Cast 2 Crew Directory Information Join Free Josh studied film and Photography back in high-school. Since high-school he […]

DON’T try this at home!

Dangerous STUNT lights up half a football field! Stunt Performer Adam Howell performs the Human Torch. Cast 2 Crew recently filmed some stunt training down at the Stunt Park on the Gold Coast. Adam Howell, a skilled stunt performer in the film and television industry […]