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Cast 2 Crew

The Australian Talent Network

Searching For Miss Scuba Australia

48 HR Call Out! LAST OPPORTUNITY Searching for Miss Scuba Australia 2019! Model 2018 Miss Scuba Australia Zofia Majka We have been advised that applications can be open for another 2 days! Cast 2 Crew is the official partner of Miss Scuba Australia and we […]

What We Do

Cast 2 Crew is a new online digital media organisation, social creative media platform & marketplace for creatives. Purpose built for skilled professionals and talent, Cast 2 Crew is a state-of-the-art cross-platform marketplace designed for the artists by the artists. Developed to promote award-winning talent […]

DON’T try this at home!

Dangerous STUNT lights up half a football field! Stunt Performer Adam Howell performs the Human Torch. Cast 2 Crew recently filmed some stunt training down at the Stunt Park on the Gold Coast. Adam Howell, a skilled stunt performer in the film and television industry […]