Recruiting . . .

We recruit people in the Media, Entertainment and Arts Industries. Connecting them to potential employers and other fellow artists.

Promoting . . .

We promote artists, jobs, events, stories and business with our online platforms, publications, website and The Cast 2 Crew Magazine.


About Us

Australia continuously produces phenomenal talent & skilled individuals throughout the creative industries. They’re an inspiration and a constant reminder of what persistence, dedication and ambition can achieve.

Artists can be found in the Entertainment Industry, Music, Film, Fashion, Marketing, Game Dev & Design just to name a few. We are an organisation driven by ambitious professionals and creative hobbyists.

Specialising in digital arts and media we have created a Professional Australian Directory for creative artists a like. The Cast 2 Crew platform is all about bridging creative industries and encouraging collaboration between film and TV, Dance, Music and even Game Development. Members can network, post, share and collaborate with one another. 

The Directory is a user friendly – comprehensive searchable database in search of artists residing in Australia, displaying a stunning profile with a professional online presence.